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Welcome to Power Line Sentry and our extensive line of power line protection products. Our goal is to help create safe power solutions in the toughest environmental conditions. We are committed to providing the most effective bird and wildlife mitigation products for your protection and distribution of electricity.


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Power Line Protection: Insulating vs. Isolating

Raptor Guard Perching DeterrentWhen it is not possible to isolate wildlife from the energized equipment, we turn to insulating devices to cover the exposed areas. The objective is to provide a barrier that will keep wildlife from touching either two energized phases or an energized phase and a ground source.


Super-Strap Polymer Banding Solutions

Super-Strap Polymer Banding Solutions
3/4" Smart-Band Polymer Banding Install Tool
Power Line Polymer Banding
Super-Strap Polymer Banding Solutions
3/8" Smart-Band Polymer Banding Install Tool

$150 BILLION LOST in the U.S. economy every year due to power outages.

Why We Protect Power Lines

Prevent Power Outages

1 in 5 power outages are caused by wildlife

A power outage brings chaos to a community or city and significant financial burden to energy providers, including damage costs, labor time, fines, penalties, negative customer relations, and loss of revenue.  Our power line protection devices for electrical power distribution can help prevent outages, secure power lines, and protect endangered wildlife.

About 1 in 5 outages are caused by wildlife. The United States and Canadian governments have strict regulations regarding the protection of wildlife, especially endangered species.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act is a far-reaching wildlife protection law that affect utilities, covering 863 species of birds.  In fact, it is easier to identify the species of birds that are not protected under this law.  The non-protected species are game birds (ducks, geese, etc.), the Common Starling, the House Sparrow, and the Rock Pigeon.

This law expressly forbids any party unless permitted by regulations to:

“pursue, hunt, take, capture, kill, attempt to take, capture or kill, possess, offer for sale, sell, offer to purchase, purchase, deliver for shipment, ship, cause to be shipped, deliver for transportation transport, cause to be transported, carry, or cause to be carried by any means whatever, receive for shipment, transportation or carriage, or export, at any time, or in any manner, any migratory bird in the terms of this Convention… for the protection of migratory birds… or any part, nest, or egg of any such bird.” (16 U.S.C. 703)

mitigating birdsBy mitigating outages, Power Line Sentry hopes to help utilities reduce the number of incidents and avoid heavy penalties and fines if a bird, squirrel, or other critter perches, nests, or otherwise disturbs the electrical power line and causes an outage or gets electrocuted.

Problems Caused By A Power Outage


  • Loss of revenue and production
  • Heavy fines and penalties
  • Fix or replace damaged equipment


  • Negative customer relations
  • Bad media and environmental release
  • Regulatory attention


  • Legal consequences
  • Increased reporting
  • Inability to maintain operations


  • Loss of life
  • Increased crime/theft because of loss of monitoring
  • Labor/production hazards

Why Power Line Sentry?

Power Line Protection Specialists

Our time and attention is dedicated to the enhancement, usability, and durability of our products to help utility and energy providers prevent outages, lower risk, save money, and protect assets.

Superior Product Design

We only bring products to market that are proven to work.  We collaborate with leading biologists, manufacturers, engineers, and linemen to ensure our products protect the equipment, electrical distribution, transmission structures, and wildlife.

Installation Support

From videos to how-to documents, Power Line Sentry is committed to helping utilities and energy providers understand and install the products.

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Helping create safe power solutions in the toughest environmental conditions.