The Patented “X” shape design of our Raptor Guard perching deterrents provide a superior barrier over the first generation triangle shape design of perching deterrents. When given a choice, raptors will not perch on Raptor Guard installed power lines.

Horizontal Post Insulators can provide a source for birds to perch in areas where prey can be found close by. The distance between the high voltage conductor and a potential ground source (steel or wood poles, bonded hardware, or a ground wire) is often times less than 50” apart.

Our RG-VT series of deterrents are designed to prevent birds from causing outages due to phase-to-ground contact. Due to the intensity of the electrical field at these higher voltages, it is also uncomfortable for the bird to perch close to a phase for an extended time, thereby minimizing their hunting opportunities.

These products are designed for excluding perching events on structures that are located in areas where protected species are known to populate, or have breeding grounds. In these cases, extra measures must be taken to prevent raptors from using power line structures as hunting platforms.

Power Line Sentry has developed a set of products that extend our deterrent’s capabilities to not only protect birds from being electrocuted but also discourage these same predators from using the structure entirely.

How many times would a long lasting zip tie come in handy to band items together on a structure or cable drop? Now there is a better solution than using electrical tape, standard zip-ties or even steel banding.

Super-Strap Ties provide a high strength, non-conductive, and long-lasting banding solution that can replace these traditional methods. The high strength of the Super-Strap is made possible by integrating fiberglass threads throughout the length of the UV resistant polymer material. Also, since the band is made of a polymer material, there is no risk of dissimilar metal caused corrosion failures.