Distribution Adjustable Bushing Covers

Our adjustable bushing cover is designed to fit a variety of different sized distribution transformer, regulator, and capacitor bushings. The clamshell is closed by turning the eye-screw located at the back of the cover. As the screw is turned, the cover tightens around the bushing and adjusts to the size of the bushing for a tight fit. The bushing cover can also be used for covering URD (pothead) terminators.


  • Designed to be easily applied manually or with a Universal Hot Stick
  • Secure even in high winds (>85 mph) for sustained periods
  • Covers only the energized portion of the insulator, allowing the insulator skirts to naturally clean
  • Pop-out slats for gapped transformer bushing applications
  • Removable dimpling for IR temperature sensing
  • Ample protection for systems up to 34.5 kV
  • Fits most distribution class bushings including pothead terminators
  • UV resistant Polymer construction


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