Super-Strap Polymer Banding Solutions

How many times would a long-lasting zip tie come in handy to band items together on a structure or cable drop? Now there’s a better solution than using electrical tape, standard zip-ties or steel banding. Super-Strap Ties provide a high strength, non-conductive, and long-lasting banding solution that can replace these traditional methods. The strength of the Super-Strap is made possible by integrating fiberglass threads throughout the length of the UV resistant polymer material. Since the banding is made of a polymer material, there’s no risk of dissimilar metal caused corrosion failures.


  • 15-year extended service life
  • UV resistant Polymer with integrated nylon threads
  • High Strength (up to 1180 pounds per band)
  • IEEE 1656 tested
  • Quick Attach with tamper-proof buckle


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