Streamer Shields for Transmission Class Insulator Strings

Our Streamer Shield is designed to be placed on insulator strings to protect the insulators from being contaminated with fecal matter. This is common when birds roost on structures above the insulators and defecate (stream) onto the insulators. Once an insulator is contaminated with droppings, the chances of a flash-over are greatly increased.


  • Extended service life made of a custom HDPE polymer.
  • UV Weather Resistant Nylon Bolts and Locknuts
  • Secure even in high winds (>90 mph) for sustained periods
  • Different sizes for porcelain and polymer insulators Specify insulator neck size when ordering
  • Adjustable sleeve for variable spacing between insulators
  • Light weight and sleek design for ease of application, yet designed and proven to withstand the worst weather conditions.


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