Raptor Guard™ Wildlife Perching Excluder Solutions for Transmission Structures

This product is designed specifically for excluding perching events on structures. This solves two major problems that can occur on transmission structures. The first relates to the contamination of hanging insulator strings. When birds perch above these insulator strings, they often defecate or “stream” on the insulators below. Over time, this material will build up and cause flashovers, damaged equipment, and outages. The second reason relates to areas where protected species are known to populate or have breeding grounds. In these cases, extra measures must be taken to prevent raptors from using power line structures as hunting platforms.


  • UV resistant Fiberglass Uprights
  • UV resistant Polymer saddles
  • Withstands >100 mph winds for sustained periods
  • cross-arm
  • Designed to cover the entire cross-arm
  • Modular design
  • Multiple attachment saddle options including multi-sided arms, fiberglass, steel, wood, and angle iron


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