Line Marker For Guy Wires

The Patented Guy Wire line marker was formulated to provide maximum contrast and reflectivity above, below, or beside the device. The profile is based on research that found contrast in low light conditions is the most important aspect in alerting birds of hard- to-see guy wires attached to telecommunications towers, power poles, and other guyed structures.


  • UV resistant RPVC plus additional UV resistant black additive
  • Florescent reflective yellow prism tape
  • 24 hour glow tape for improved dawn, dusk and night visibility
  • Unique “V” shape design for maximum contrast at all angles
  • Easy installation
  • Withstands > 100 mph winds for sustained periods
  • Size: .075″ thick by 6” wide x 4” tall
  • Weight: 4 .7 oz.
  • Patent Number: 8,438,998


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