Double Top Tie Insulator Cap and Conductor Cover For Distribution Power Lines

Our patented double insulator cap and conductor cover is designed to cover double cross-arm top-tie applications. This structure is typical for longer spans, down strain and road crossings such as RUS C1-1 structures. The product was designed with the recommendations from utility engineers, linemen, and wildlife biologists.


  • Extended service life made of UV resistant RPVC
  • Easily applied manually or with a Universal Hot Stick
  • Secure even in high winds (>85 mph) for sustained periods
  • Covers only the energized portion of insulators, allowing the insulator skirts to naturally clean as they are designed to do, and for the insulators to be easily viewed during line inspection.
  • Fits conductor sizes #6 through 795 mcm
  • Adjustable sleeve for variable spacing between insulators
  • Top-Tie (tangent) double insulator
  • 35 kV system insulation protection
  • RUS Accepted
  • Lightweight and sleek design for ease of application yet designed and proven to withstand the worst weather conditions.
  • Fits standard C, F, J, K neck insulators, clamp-top, and trunnion mount.
  • 80” of coverage (>60” recommended)
  • Pat. 7,884,285


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