Artificial Nesting Platform

Looking for a quick way to divert a nesting pair of Ravens or Raptors? Our RGNP-42 nail-less nesting box is an excellent option and for those who would like smaller versions of the nest platform, we have a pre-assembled fiberglass nest box in smaller sizes. For a long-term solution, we recommend placing the platform on an adjacent pole dedicated to the nest platform but if you don’t have time during the nesting season to get the proper right of way documentation in place then mounting this platform to the pole or pole top may be a good short-term alternative. Once the nesting season is complete and the nest vacated, you can move the platform and existing nest to a more suitable location.


  • Designed to hold hundreds of pounds of nesting material
  • Long lasting materials (wood or fiberglass depending on model)
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple attachment options

The RGNP-42 is our recommended nesting platform to use when possible. It is made of wood, so it’s naturally more inviting to the raptors and corvids; it has no metal fasteners, helping you can avoid potential induction from energized wires; and the large openings in the bottom reduce the chances of geese taking over during the first year of installation before occupancy by the target species.



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