24″ Raptor Guard Wildlife Perching Deterrents For Horizontal Cross-Arms

The Patented “X” shape design of our Raptor Guard™ perching deterrents provide a superior barrier over the first-generation triangle shape design of perching deterrents.  When given a choice, raptors will not perch on power lines protected by Raptor Guard™.


  • UV resistant PVC uprights and RPVC saddles
  • Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel Hardware
  • Withstands > 100 mph winds for sustained periods
  • Over 400,000 units in the field and more than 20 years in service
  • Hot-stick capable models available
  • All hardware for installation included
  • Designed to cover 18” – 26” open space on horizontal cross-arms, vertical mounts, lattice towers, and walls.


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