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Talk to a power line specialist about protecting your distribution and transmission lines from the harsh environmental conditions that create expensive and time-consuming outages.

The Different Types of Protection


Products like our patented Raptor Guard™ perching deterrent keep birds, especially birds of prey, away from the energized portion of your distribution or transmission lines.  Our excluder solutions are used in areas where protected species are known to populate, or have breeding grounds.

Isolating Products Perching Deterrents
Insulating Products and Cover Ups


Sometimes, isolating wildlife from the power line isn’t the best course of action, depending on the structure. In those cases, we recommend using insulating products, like cover ups, to create a barrier that protects wildlife from electrocution. These products make it so the animal cannot touch two energized phases, or an energized phase and a ground source.


Products like those in our RGNS Series, are designed to keep raptors, ravens, and other birds from building a nest on your distribution or transmission lines.  Studies have shown these products work even if there was previous nesting activity on the structure.

Desting Diverter Products
Flight Diverters & Line Markers


Our patented design for flight diverters provides maximum contrast for approaching birds above or below the device. Research shows that contrast in low light conditions can alert birds of hard-to-see objects such as power lines, guy wires, and shield wires.

Coopers Hawk Perched on Power Line

Prevent Outages, Comply with Regulations, and Save Money

Our extensive line of precision-engineered products – including diverters, deterrents, cover ups, and excluders – will help you prevent outages, protect your assets, and save money.

If we don’t have what you need right now, our team of innovative product engineers can design something that meets your needs and protects your distribution or transmission lines.

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