Constructing Your Own Osprey Nest Diverting Solution

The Problem

One of the keys to successful mitigation of an Osprey targeted site is early detection. Once the mating pair has established their nest and eggs, it is not permitted to disturb them until the young have left.  The nest pictured to the right was in the process of being built and therefore located in time to mitigate.

The Solution

Step 1: Remove Existing Nest and Heavily Mitigate

After removing the nest from the pole, install Raptor Guard Nest Excluders completely across the exposed cross-arms.

Step 2. Construct an Alternative Nesting Site

Ron Spencer of White River Electric in Meeker, CO builds alternate nests by cutting an old cross-arm in half, adding D.A. bolts to attach it to the top of a pole, using 28” braces for support, and then placing a 3’ x 3’ platform on top. He finds that small pallets can fit very well.

Gather some twigs that are similar to the size used by the Osprey and arrange them around the outside perimeter of the platform to simulate a nest. Ron believes this will lower the risk of rejecting the new nesting platform. Ron ties these bundles down with a small amount of tie wire to hold the bundles in place.

The second trick is to place the alternate nest platform in the near vicinity and a little higher than power line they used in their previous nest site. The slightly higher elevation provides the Osprey a perceived advantage over their previous site.

Step 3: Continue to Monitor the Site until Osprey Chooses an Alternative nest site.

Even with heavy mitigation, building a new nesting pole, and transferring the nesting material to the alternate nest, Osprey will often try to re-build immediately after the mitigation is complete. However, we have found success by removing the twigs each day or every couple of days and putting the twigs in the alternate nest.

Plan on returning to this nest site next year to make sure the returning Osprey have chosen the nest platform and have not decided to build on the pole again.

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