Introduction to Power Line Sentry Bushing Covers

While it’s true that the most popular bushing covers all provide full coverage over the energized portions of a bushing, not all are easy to use – nor will they all work in a wide range of applications. 


Power Line Sentry bushing covers, however, not only provide a full coverage solution but they are also universal. They are compatible with distribution transformer bushings, capacitors, potheads, and primary metering. 


HOW can they be compatible with so much you wonder? 

1A bushing cover open
1B bushing cover closed
1C bushing cover closed tight
1D bushing cover top
The answer is that our bushing cover is adjustable. It features a hotstick-compatible eye screw as well as these rows of fingers along the top, front, and bottom of the cover.  


First let’s talk about this eye screw. This little guy gives us a BIG advantage. It’s what makes a fit on any of those applications a TIGHT fit. As you tighten the screw, the shell tightens too. Easy. 


Power Line Sentry Bushing Cover Installation Video


So, it works like this: 

You place the screw through one side, pop it out through the other side and through the nut (and of course it can be inserted into either side of the bushing cover so just keep that in mind) and then place it into position over the bushing. Once in place, you simply tighten the eye screw – which will tighten the shell – until it feels secure. 


Next, let’s talk about these fingers here. These fingers, or fringe, are what give you extra flexibility with the fit – another unique feature – because now you’re not limited to only a top connection. With these fingers, you have connection access on the top and the side. 

3A bc with hotstick min

There are additional fingers in the bottom of the cover which conforms to the bushing and allows for an easier installation. There’s a little extra give when you place it down onto the equipment. 


By the way, this is easy to do with a hotstick as well. Either manually or with a hotstick, placing a Power Line Sentry bushing cover into position is quick and easy. 


The Power Line Sentry Bushing Cover Difference


And while we’re on the topic of fit – be sure to remember this – while you might hear that other bushing covers can provide a universal fit, only the Power Line Sentry bushing cover provides both a FORM-FITTING AND UNIVERSIAL fit. 


If the cover is not tightly secured over the equipment, then the cover can move – but think about that – if it is able to move around, shake around, in the wind or in inclement weather, then there is the potential to damage the exact equipment that it is designed to protect. 


Lastly, as with all Power Line Sentry system reliability solutions, the cutout cover is made with the most advanced material. This UV resistant polymer is super strong and has of course passed all relevant tests. 


It has a V-0 rating for the UL 94 flammability of plastic materials test, it passed at 24kV for the ASTM D-149 dielectric breakdown of voltage and strength, it passed at 60.78 ft-lbs/in2 the ASTM D-638 and D-1822 original tensile strength, and it has no visible color change >1,000 hours for the IEEE 1656 UV aging test. Check out the cut sheet for these details. 


Bushing Cover Summary


In summary, the main features that set the Power Line Sentry bushing cover apart from the others are: 



The form-fitting ability we get from the adjustable clam-shell design and eye screw. 



The fingers that run along the top, side, and bottom – that allow for connection flexibility from either the top or the side of the cover depending on your application. 



This combination provides you with a TIGHT, SECURE and FORM-FITTING fit is universal among a variety of applications.