Our cut-out cover is designed to be installed either by hand or with a universal hotstick and fits a variety of different sized distribution cut-outs. The snap-fit design is held securely in place without any pins or additional clamps. This design covers the arching horns which are known to be a source of electrocution events. It is constructed of a UV stabilized polymer to ensure a long lasting service life.


  • Extended service life made of UV resistant Polymer
  • Secure even in high winds (>85 mph) for sustained periods
  • Covers only the top energized portion of the cutout, allowing the insulator skirts to naturally clean, (as they are designed to do), and for the insulators to be easily viewed during line inspection.
  • Fits stinger sizes #6 through 4/0 with insulating split hose
  • 35 kV system protection
  • Fits most distribution class
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Cut-out cover for distribution porcelain cut-outs


Cut-out cover for distribution porcelain cut-outs with wider opening to accept Loadbuster Tools


Distribution Cut-out cover for ABB-200 amp 15-27 Kv cut-outs with wider opening for using loadbuster tools

Distribution Cut-Out Cover
Distribution Cut-Out Cover