In the beginning:

Our company was founded by Ron Spencer, a 40 year veteran of the utility industry in 1998 after he became disappointed in the products that were available at the time. He began inventing products for his utility and one of his first inventions eventually became the patented Raptor Guard Perching Deterrent.

The growing years:

There have been many variations of the Raptor Guard as you will see in our product section. We are proud to know that over 400,000 units are in service in North and South America, Caribbean, Mongolia, and Africa, providing a safe interaction between wildlife and our electrical infrastructure.

Where we are going:

As we continue to grow, we will bring products to market THAT WORK. In order to do so, we are working with leading biologists, manufacturers, engineers and linemen to develop a complete set of products to protect both distribution and transmission structures.


Providing reliable and cost efficient power to the public is the goal of our customers. This is a complicated process when the path of electricity must travel through extreme environmental conditions.

Our Mission is to assist customers in this goal by providing the most effective protection products for the distribution of electricity around the world.

Ron Spencer