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The Beginning of Power Line Sentry

Since the company’s inception in 1998, our mission has been to assist utilities in providing consistent and reliable power to their customers while also protecting wildlife from electrocution.

Raptor Guards from Power Line SentryIn the beginning, founder Ron Spencer, a 40-year veteran of the utility industry, became disappointed in the power line protection products that were available at the time. And, like all great innovative engineers, Ron began inventing products for his utility.  One of his first inventions became the now patented Raptor Guard™ Perching Deterrent.

As we grew, so did the variations of Raptor Guard™, as you will see in our extensive product section. Power Line Sentry is now proudly protecting more than 400,000 power lines in North and South America, the Caribbean, Mongolia, and Africa.  It is our duty and responsibility to help provide a safe interaction between wildlife and our electrical infrastructure.

Where Power Line Sentry is Going

As we continue to grow, we will bring products to market THAT WORK. We collaborate with leading biologists, manufacturers, engineers, and linemen to develop a complete set of products to protect both distribution and transmission structures.


Power Line SentryOur customers provide reliable and cost-efficient power to the public. That is a complicated process when the path of electricity must travel through extreme environmental conditions.

At Power Line Sentry, our mission is to assist customers by providing the most effective protection products for the distribution of electricity around the world.

Power Line Sentry Products – Isolating vs. Insulating

We believe two effective methods can protect your power lines.  The first is to “isolate” the birds and wildlife from the energized portion of your structures and equipment.  The second is to “insulate” the power from contact with wildlife and the environment.  Therefore, we have categorized our products in this fashion as well.

Our products are made of UV-resistant fiberglass, PVC, polypropylene, HDPE, or silicone rubber, with non-corrosive nylon and stainless or galvanized hardware.  All products have superior dielectric properties.

We are proud to manufacture all our products in the USA except for the silicone rubber hose, which is more suited to be extruded internationally.

All products are manufactured in the USA
Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA

Knowing Where to Isolate, Insulate, or Both

What does it mean to isolate?

“Isolate” is used to signify that we are trying to keep the wildlife away from the energized portion of your equipment. If you can do this effectively, you don’t need to worry about insulating the energized lines and material in the field.

Why isolate?

Power Line Fight Diverter and Line MarkerIsolating wildlife from energized portions of your equipment can be more cost-effective than insulating every energized line and piece of equipment. An example of this is our Raptor Guard™ perching deterrent. If you can keep birds, especially birds of prey, away from the energized lines and equipment in the first place, there is no danger of service interruption or bird injuries/death.

Another critical reason for isolation is the Endangered Species Act. Utilities can inadvertently violate this law by providing a man-made “perch,” giving predators an unfair advantage when hunting endangered species.

Transmission and Distribution structures provide a non-natural advantage for birds of prey when hunting endangered species on the ground. In areas where protected species exist, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service requires that utilities mitigate their structures to prevent predators from using them as a hunting perch.

Two other essential acts affecting wildlife mitigation are the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

Custom Protection Products

We take pride in our ability to develop custom solutions to meet unique problems.  If you do not see the products you need, let us know what you are looking for, and if it’s not already in development, we will work on a solution that fits your needs.  We are here to help you protect your lines from wildlife and the wildlife from your lines.

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